The Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera

Just the thought of a digital camera for a gift is a wonderful idea, but when you couple it with a very small size, the intrigue is even more appealing.

With the Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera, being only around ½ inch thick and not much wider than a credit card you will be able to take it anywhere you go. It will fit practically anywhere you wish to carry it, in your purse, briefcase, or even your shirt pocket.

This Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera is a full featured digital camera that has all the same great qualities that you can find in the larger cameras with out the bulky size. This great camera offers a 5-mega pixel image sensor that will produce the best quality prints for photos up to 11 inches by 20 inches, with many great image enhancements such as the cropping feature. It has a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2.2-inch LCD viewfinder screen. The size of this camera certainly does not take away from its quality and features which allow you to compose, edit, and delete any shots that you wish.

The Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera has both automatic and manual setting, which does include exposure and white balance. You will also enjoy the anti-shake option, which will reduce all those blurry images that you normally get by accidentally shake or move the camera while taking a shot.

The digital MPEG-4 movie mode will allow you to record some of the best quality videos at around 30 frames per second with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The only thing we miss here is an “all-around” function that gives you a larger viewing angle. We don’t expect it to be a 360 camera, but a little more field of view would have been nice.

It comes with 8 MB of memory, will accept SD/MMC cards, a built in flash, docking/charging cradle, and video-out and USB cables. The size of this unique Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera is 2 ½ inches high by 4 ¼ inches wide by ½ inch deep and only weighs 5 ounces.

You can find this cool Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera for around $400 if you shop smart.