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The Corn Zipper Wipes The Cob Clean

What’s a BBQ without some yummy corn on the cob? I happen to love biting the corn nibblets right off of the buttered cob, but some just don’t like getting their hands dirty. Where’s the fun in removing the corn from the actual cob? That’s the best part! And yet, tools such as this are created for just that reason.

The Corn Zipper is a stainless steel gadget made for doing exactly that. The Zipper is designed to strip a cob of corn, two rows of nibblets at a time. One swipe of the Corn Zipper is enough to completely strip the rows of corn, allowing you to eat the vegetable using utensils, rather than greasing up your fingers.

The Corn Zipper’s sharpened teeth are intended to remove kernels off of uncooked corn cobs, but we don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work with cooked corn as well. The high-quality steel build is long lasting, not to mention that this specifically designed tool is much safer than using a sharp and clumsy knife.

If you’re interested in stripping your own corn with the Corn Zipper you can pick one of these gadgets up for $12.95 from Plow & Hearth. The people who show up to your BBQ asking for loose corn will appreciate it, and so will your fingers, being at much less risk of having a slice chopped off.

Product Page via The Green Head

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