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The Cordless Hand Blender, Whisk and Universal Chopper in one

Oh joy, here’s another set of gadgetry to clutter up your countertops.  This is one of those sets that I half expect to see an infomercial where they’re shouting out that they’ll throw in some other random gadget.  Unluckily for anyone trying to sell these things, these quite obviously look painful to use.  It looks like it would be awkward to hold and the poor person holding it in the picture can barely wrap their fingers around it.  I’m sure it’s nice to have a cordless blender/whisk, but if it’s difficult to use, that would defeat the purpose a bit.

It’d be just as easy to stick with your normal whisk and blender, than end up dropping this thing all of the time.  It is nice that it’s cordless though, you can  use it for 25 minutes before having to put it back on the dock to charge.  Unfortunately recharging it takes a whopping 8-10 hours.  It also comes included with a chopper, which has two powerful knives in a supplied cup.  It can handle the usual items like meat, vegetables and fruit, but no heavy bread or yeast dough.  You can pick this obviously oh so handy device up for £53.99 or about $79.

Source: OhGizmo

1 thought on “The Cordless Hand Blender, Whisk and Universal Chopper in one”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of different variations on this kind of thing, just never cordless. Finally someone thought of it.

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