The Cord Lock Light for the outdoorsy types

If you’re starting to look forward to warm weather and plan on camping this summer, you might like this little gadget. It’s definitely for the minimalist, that or the person that always seems to be misplacing their flashlight. With this you can attach it to a piece of your gear and always have it handy for when you need to read a map or just inspect something a bit closer. It would even work for those that aren’t going out much, but have a great spot to attach it onto a hoodie.

All around it’d be a convenient little gadget, granted, you could just buy a keychain flashlight. However, having several options for a quick light is always nice. The light is water-resistant, making it even more ideal for all your outdoor activities, like camping and hiking. It of course uses a small, yet powerful LED light. The light comes in only bright yellow, to make it easier to find. When you purchase one it will cost you $10, but if you buy more it shaves a bit off of the price.

Source: Coolbuzz