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The Coolest Cat Flap

Super Selective Cat Flap Elite Cat Flap

Do you have a feline friend at home, if so he should have his own little door and this is the coolest one I’ve found to date, the Elite Super Selective Cat Flap.

The elite cat flap is compatible (not sure if that’s the right word) with up to 8 cats and can be programmed to allow your different cats in and out access at different times of the day. It also has an LCD display so that you can instantly see which cats are in and which ones are out, cool!

Further info can be found at Pet Mate, who also do a version for your dog. For the ultimate in cat tech you could always combine it with the automated rotating litter tray or would that be a bit OTT.

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4 thoughts on “The Coolest Cat Flap”

  1. This could have been a great product but the range at which the discs unlock the flap is only about 4 to 5cm. This is too close for even our small cat to unlock the cat flap without practically rubbing its chest up against it. I will be contacting pet mate to see what they have to say.

  2. Pet mate were very helpful, it turned out the panel I had installed the cat flap in contained two thin metal sheets that were affecting the range the discs that go on the cats collars could be detected. By following the correct mounting instructions the flap now works great.

  3. I purchased this door last summer. Due to protracted illness I didn’t get it set up until 4 months later – too late to return it. Even with it set up per mounting instructions the disks still won’t open the door unless I touch them to the door itself and sometimes this doesn’t work either. I’m out over $100.00 and feeling even more ill than before!

  4. This cat door is AMAZING. I saw it on and bought it on We’ve had it for 3 years with 4 cats who continually use it. The AA batteries last months, the ID tags work perfectly, and can be bought through As for the door not working properly, this is untrue. At first, I thought that was the case, but soon realized the cats are smarter than me. As they push their head against it, it immediatly clicks and opens. We have the door programmed to lock from 8:30pm-5:30am. The cats know and come when called.

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