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The Coolest Boarding Board Ever!

There are not many things that make me drool (excluding pizza) but the Scarpar board did just that. The Scarpar is the first multi terrain motorised board. Unlike snow and wake boards you can use it anywhere so will be ideal when you don’t have the time or weather to enjoy your regular boarding.

You may be able to tell from the picture that the Scarpar uses mini caterpillar tracks instead of wheels, this gives it the ability to travel on grass, mud, snow anything bar water really. To really appreciate what it can do you need to watch the video of it in action.

That looks absolutely awesome, it will probably cost me a few broken bones but is on the top of my wish list. The bad news is that you can’t buy it yet, but the good news is that you hopefully will be able to in the next 12 months, cool.

Check out further info on the official Scarpar site. [Found via StyleAnt (thanks)]

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11 thoughts on “The Coolest Boarding Board Ever!”

  1. Thanks for the positive feedback … if the prototype get’s your heart going, you may need oxygen when you see the final product we will deliver to market 🙂

    Stay tuned … you’ll soon be able to Board Anywhere!

    Keep the feedback coming.


    Andrew Fern

  2. interesting!! O_O
    the idea sounds really exciting
    i’m not very fond of its looks though xD
    hopefully they’ll have more different looks for it once it gets popular

  3. I think it looks … slow. I think I can walk faster than that thing is going.

    It presently looks like a device my grandpa would use to get around with.

    If you can put something akin to 30 HP in it, then you have a product I would be interested in. Until then … unless it goes fast (30-40MPH minimum) then I don’t want it.

  4. I wrote to the e-mail given on the Scarpar site and asked about estimated speed for the board. I was told that the released product WILL do over 35mph and they’re hoping for 50mph!!! I’m sure you’re athletic and all James, but if you can out run that thing you’re waisting your time posting on message boards.

  5. So true Tyba. Its not how much horsepower it has its the power to weight ratio and top speed you be caring about.

  6. wow…that simply is, without a doubt THE campest boardsport I have EVER seen. Just buy a skateboard, much cheaper and much, much more challenging/exciting and faster. You guys should check out for the cream of downhill skateboards. And please dont reply with super-saasy comments on how it can go everywhere, if I wanted an all terrain board I’d get a mountain board, and if I wanted something with tracks I’d buy a tank.

    Put simply, no flow, no style…a waste of money. Stop thinking of wicked cool ways to make board sports easier/adaptive and motor powered, just use nature, learn to surf/skate and you’ll get a much better result

  7. thank you rich, i agree, why do people try to make things motorized all the time? just skate, or snowboard and your set

  8. I know, good luck to the fad but I think there is little longevity in it all. Grab yourself a cheap second hand mini mal and get down the west coast for friday afternoon, its gonna go off.

  9. Hi
    Wie teuer ist das scarpar eigentlich???
    Ich finde den preis nirgenswo!!!

    bitte um antwort,

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