The Cool La-Z-Boy Chair

If you are a couch potato then you may wish to turn into a La-Z-Boy potato after you learn about this new cool chair. Everyone loves coming home from work and just relaxing but of course, the telephone rings, you need a cool one from the fridge, or you need to get up find the massager for those achy muscles. Well, with the Cool La-Z-Boy Chair you will have everything you need in the chair.

The Cool La-Z-Boy Chair is superbly hand designed and is 1150mm high by 1040mm wide by 850mm deep. Not only is it the perfect size for relaxing but it is chocked full the newest cool hi-tech features.

If you lift your arm on one side, you will find a built-in fridge that will hold up to six cans of cold drinks and then you can even use your built-in telephone if you live in the UK or France. The telephone has a 99 number memory capability so you do not even have to worry about looking up telephone numbers.

Talk about getting a massage, this Cool La-Z-Boy Chair has a six motor massage system built right into the body of the chair. All you have to do is use the handset to adjust the settings to what you like best. If you get a little cool, you will enjoy the built-in lumbar heating system.

There are a few other options that you can also add to the Cool La-Z-Boy Chair but then of course the price will go up. Without any extras, the chair cost £1099.00. Other options include an electric-action footrest for £139.99 and a swivel action base for £65.99.

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