The Computer-Mouse Star for those committed to looks instead of comfort

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This is one of those products that you can tell they really strive to get a product name that is really out there and over the top as far as creative goes. They call it the Computer-Mouse Star, they should give the guy that named it a raise. I never could have come up with something that original. It just describes the product so perfectly, after all it is a computer mouse that is shaped like a star. Which is no doubt extremely ergonomic and overly comfortalbe all around to use.

That pointy little star wouldn’t be in the least bit awkward to use or even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Well for those committed to their love for stars, this mouse would be a cute accessory to your computer. No one will doubt that you have an obsession for all things star shaped after you buy this mouse. It is being sold for 29,90 € or about $44 at where it is currently in stock.

Source: Gadgenista

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