The Coffee-Light utilizes teacups to light your home

Most of the time the cool lighting ideas are designated for the living room or bedroom, it seems like typically the kitchen gets left behind.  Well this cute lighting idea is meant to light up your kitchen with a little bit of quirky lighting.  If you have a love for teacups, then this would blend in great with your kitchen.  It’s not the first time teacups have been incorporated into design and used to decorate a home.

Teacups are always great to decorate with, in part because there is such a variety of styles out there.  You can get a delicate and very detailed teacup at an affordable price if you search hard enough.  Well with this one they use simple light colored tea cups with a dark base attached to them.  It was designed by Juan Valdez.  These porcelain teacups measure 150x65mm.  You can purchase this for 156.00 € or about $199.  Really though, if you’re great with DIY projects, this wouldn’t be difficult to create on your own and you would get to choose what style teacups would fit best in your home.

Source: NerdApproved

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