Just When You Thought You Had Everything: The Cherry Pitter

cherry pitter

Eating or cooking with cherries is no longer the pits. (sorry, but it had to be said). OXO has re-designed the Cherry Pitter and this time around, it makes sense. At $11.99, this kitchen utility gadget might just be the most interesting tool in your drawer that you will rarely use.

We got one of these and I have to say, it frustrated to person with whom I was sharing a bowl of cherries. I could easily clean out the pits, out-pacing all comers at a rate of 3:1. The design is simple and quick and it doesn’t destroy the fruit (think hole-punch, not garlic press). I’m sure anyone else who has bought this toy will share my overwhelming sense of “why didn’t I think of that?”.

I suppose the cherry pitter makes cooking with cherries easier, or eating safer for children but we use it like a nut cracker. Like most kitchen gadgets from OXO, it has sturdy construction and comfortable grips. A “splash shield” prevents any mess. My cherry pitter currently rests next to the egg peeler and canned tuna strainer, as I wait for the grape peeler to complement my palm fronds and private plastic island oasis.

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