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The ChargeBox – no battery – no problem

One of the problems with carrying a load of gadgets around is the fear that one may run out of gadget juice and you’ve left your charger at home (or there’s nowhere to plug it in). The UK company BoxBrands have come up with a novel solution that will be appearing all over the UK anytime soon, the ChargeBox.

The ChargeBox is kind of what it sounds, a box you put your gadget in (mobile, iPod, PDA etc.) and leave it to charge. The box is a secure locker, so when you’re running out of juice put your gadget in a ChargeBox, insert a pound, lock the secure box and then pop to the pub for 40 minutes whilst your gadget charges. Is that useful or what?

BoxBrands plans to put the ChargeBox in various locations throughout the UK, sensibly like:

  • Airports – You need a fully charged iPod on any long-haul flight
  • Railway stations,
  • Cinemas – No need for your mobile whilst watching a film
  • Shopping centres
  • Festivals – You don’t generally find many sockets in farmers fields so this could be really useful.

Toby Staveley the MD of BoxBrands said

“They can be installed anywhere, and are both safe and easy to use”,
“We plan to roll them out all over the country so that they will soon be everywhere.
“ChargeBoxes will be popular with people who need to use their phone as a matter of emergency or who unexpectedly
run out of charge on their ipods.
“Nowadays people go out without arranging where to meet and move on at a whim. Having no battery can be critical without
it you get left behind. We believe people will find ChargeBoxes a real life saver.”

You can find a bit more info at ChargeBox and we’ll try to report again as soon as we find a live one.

9 thoughts on “The ChargeBox – no battery – no problem”

  1. Like most great inventions they have had these devices in Japan for several years already. You most often will find them in the ubiquitous convenience store. They are a great service and really help when you’re on the go and out of juice.

  2. Ya, and terrist will love ’em…great place to plant an expolsive device in a crowed place…for this reason, you no longer find rent-a-lockers and trash cans in bus, train stations, etc…

    If it were for this, it would be a good idea though…sometimes, when I am away and didn’t bring a charger, I’ve wished for something like this many times…

  3. Why not put them In the pub? Or in cinemas or restaurants where it’s considered rude to have your phone on anyway? Then you could be polite *and* have a charged phone in one go!

  4. In one respect it is a good idea but then i have to agree with Jim in a world where terrorist strike fear in to our lives this would be an open invitation for them to use this as a means for terror

  5. Charge box is a cool concept, although, there are too many problems with locking phones up, quickie products and version is more straight forward and have moving ads so that you dont die from boredom while juicing up.

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