The Cell phone in the Ion Mask

cell underwater

The problem with cell phones is that annoying tendency to just not work anymore when dipped in water. Fortunately, some scientists in Britain have come up with a solution. And when I say solution, I mean a liquid that can do something as well as a liquid that can solve your problems.

This Ion-Mask is a protective layer that bonds to a mobile device using some plasma, electrically charged gas, and then chemical properties allow oil and water to be repelled. The Ion-Mask was developed at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down, Wiltshire. Its intended use was not for mobile devices, and was actually developed as a treatment for soldier’s uniforms to repel toxic vapors and liquids like chemical or biological weapons.

Right now, the makers of Ion-Mask are already consulting with three cellphone manufacturers to coat their solution on products. This would hopefully lower cell phone insurance rates, and take care of those terrible cell phone to toilet accidents.

Not bad, but I’m wondering how can this make a cell phone waterproof. After all, I don’t see how you can coat the space between the buttons without making it so you can’t push the buttons at all.

But hey, don’t stop developing the technology just because of this. In fact, I’m betting it’s already taken care of.