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The Cat Spa – Spoil that Pet

Cat Spa

Fancy spoiling your feline friend? The Hagen Living World Cat Spa offers the following features:

  • Accu-Pressure Pads: A unique sensory experience. Cats love to feel the pressure points beneath their paws and may actually sleep on them.
  • Body-Stroke Groomers: For self-grooming and massage. Stimulate face and back glands while providing an easy-access, intense massage.
  • Gum Stimulator: An irresistible challenge to cats–blocks access to catnip. Gnawing of the gum stimulator massages and cleans teeth and gums. Rubbing cheek and chin areas stimulates glands.
  • Ripple Massager: Solid sculpted ripples perform unlike any brush. Deep penetration of fur provides intense rubbing pleasure to head, neck, and face area.

The Cat Spa is available for $25.49 from Hagen, found via Inventor Spot.

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2 thoughts on “The Cat Spa – Spoil that Pet”

  1. The first thing to fall off was the little thing in the center of the “cat spa.” Apparently it was the first thing that caught my cat’s attention. Within a couple of days it was off the center and rolling around our house. I replaced it, as it just snaps back in, however, a couple of days later it was off again and had rolled into some unknown black hole. I figured this wasn’t that big of a deal until the little brush like things attached began to come off. They just snap in too and apparently my kitty was into vigorous rubbing. They fell off and the hard plastic was impossible to snap back into place. This toy now has a permanent home…in our garbage. In conclusion, it was amusing to my cats for approximately a month before it was destined for the garbage bin. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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