The Burton LTD Heated Mighty Pants

There is nothing I loathe more than being cold, for some people overheating is worse.  Typically it’s the overly scrawny that hate the cold, either way, for those that do hate the cold, there are now these incredibly brilliant pants.  They aren’t the most fashionable pants out there and not exactly form fitting, but they’re heated.  For those that were wondering, the pants shown in the photo are the women’s pants, I was a bit surprised to discover that one myself.

Then again not every female out there wants pants that fit like a second skin, so these loose fitting pants might be a breath of fresh air for some.  They come in two different styles, one featuring the slightly plaid look and the other showing off plain gray.  The pants have a safe electric current that heats the pant’s Thermo-Tex ink-printed liner.  To control the temperature there is a small rechargeable battery pack that slips into your pocket.  The pants also have mesh-lined vents to get rid of excess heat and insulation to provide extra warmth when the heater isn’t going.  The pants used to be priced at $269, but are on sale for the still pricey $121.

Source: Gizmodiva