The Boynq Sabre iPod Dock

This is probably the only iPod dock I’ve ever seen that I swear was modeled after an ancient chariot.  I keep thinking there’s supposed to be a horse hooked up to the back of the dock.  This cool dock would look great tucked in the corner of any room that you think could use a little more music.  The sleek black look makes it even suitable enough to blend in with your dining room, if you chose to place it there.

The dock comes included with six different docking inserts to make sure that it will work with any of the iPods that you happen to own.  Of course if you have a black sheep in the family that still carries something besides an iPod, those can be hooked up as well, it just can’t sit in the dock itself.  The dock also is magnetically shielded against High Frequency interference, so your phone won’t cause any issues with it.  The other features include Docking Station for data synchronization via USB, enhanced 2x 10W RMS full range drivers (3”) for optimal clarity.  They are available in both pink and the black shown above.  You can pick it up for € 64,97 or about $81.

Source: CraziestGadgets