The Bloody Hand and Foot Wrist Rest

The thought of getting carpal tunnel is a terrifying one if you spend a large amount of time on the computer.  Therefore products that help prevent it become extremely necessary to prevent this from happening.  Well now you can pick up a set of two severed body parts to make sure your wrist stays well cushioned.  The foot looks a little more awkward to use, since it looks like it could be easily knocked over.  Yet, does it really matter as long as you have your fake squishy body parts to rest your wrist on?

The hand looks easy enough to use and you could always lay the foot out at different angles.  I’m sure it would get you some odd looks from your coworkers at least.  These of course come from the infamous Brando.  The wrist rests can also be sold in wholesale if you want just a giant box of body parts lying around in your apartment for Halloween.  Which of course, everyone does.  To pick up the set of two it will cost you $17.90.

Source: Geekologie