The Biosphere Toy


Keeping pet frogs in the house is normally a sure fire way for a kid to get grounded, that is unless they have their own biosphere.

The Biosphere Terrarium is a great way to study nature in the bedroom (I’m sure I missed some dirty pun there) and offers some pretty cool features:

  • Realistic rock and landscape formations with a built-in lagoon
  • Holds water, soil, rocks and plants
  • A miniature, self-contained world
  • Cozy nooks for creatures to hide in
  • Encased in clear plastic for the best view
  • Digital readout displays temperature and humidity inside the dome
  • “Rainmaker” cools off critters with spray mist
  • Includes bug cup & tweezers
  • Magnifying window for a close-up look, even underwater
  • Instructions included

You can buy the biosphere terrarium from Discovery for $39.95.