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The Billiard Trick Shot Gadget

Trick Pool Shot

Ever fancied your self as a bit of a billiard hustler (or pool to us lot in the UK), this little gadget makes it dead easy to re-create the famous 6 balls in 6 different pockets shot (see bottom picture).

Simply set the 6 balls up in the trick shot special rack, smack the white down the middle and watch the 6 balls bounce off the cushions drop down the pockets.

You can get the trick billiard rack from Things You Never Knew Existed but if you’re entering a trick shot challenge competition it may be classed as cheating.

trick billiard shot

1 thought on “The Billiard Trick Shot Gadget”

  1. Well i have been looking for half an hour to understand this trick and i can’t seem to figure it out. I like to do tricks according to pool rules and i am a afraid this is a little to difficult for me.

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