The Bear Dolls Speakers so you can cuddle with your speakers

Alright, I have never had the urge to cuddle with my speakers.  Nor do I wish for a set of speakers that would be comfortable to cuddle with.  To me, speakers are meant to sit there and make noise, on occasion maybe have a bit of geek appeal.  A cuddly bear speaker is just taking things too far.  Besides the first time you watched an rated R movie on your laptop with one of these plugged in, it’s poor ears would probably go up in flames.  It’s sometimes difficult to see who they could possibly be marketing something like this towards, luckily in this case they just came out and said it.

They think it’s an ideal gift for lovers.  Seriously, if any guy ever bought me one of these that’d be it, frankly I’m not a five year old.  Even if I were five, five year olds don’t need laptop speakers.  The speakers plug in via USB as usual.  They are currently being sold for $22.99 on Sourcing Map, but you might want to hurry since there are only three in stock.  We all know what a horrible tragedy it’d be to miss out on these gems.

Source: SlipperyBrick