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The automatic Mini Sky Umbrella for the delusional


No one likes to deal with dark gloomy days, but we deal with it anyway.  Well if you’d like to stay in denial about how bleak the day is looking, you could always pick this umbrella up.  Even if the skies are gray, right above you can be bright blue with puffy white clouds.  That is, just as long as you keep this umbrella open.  Then to keep up the illusion, you could just keep all the curtains drawn for the day at home and work.  The umbrella would also be great for the lazy types that can’t be bothered to put any effort into opening their umbrella.

It automatically opens and closes all by itself, all you have to do is push a button.  Perhaps someday soon instead of pushing a button, we could just think about it.  Those would be the days.  Although this would be nice for the lazy, it’s also good for the clumsy types that have issues juggling opening the umbrella and carrying a purse out in the pouring rain.  It’s a kind of pricey umbrella though, it’ll cost you $34.95.

Source: GreenHead