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The Automatic Golf Tee

Automatic Golf TeeGolf is one of those sports that is enjoyed by millions of which I am not one, though I have been to the driving range a couple of times. Bending down and placing the golf ball can become a bit of a pain after a while (and golfers are not renowned for their athletic build), though help could be at hand via the Automatic Golf Tee.

The Automatic Golf Tee is simplicity it self to use. Simply fill it with golf balls (holds up 35) and when your ready for your next practice shot lower the lever with your club and watch a ball roll down and balance on the tee, ready for your next long distance drive (that’s about all the golfing lingo I know).

I don’t think I’ll be investing in this golf gadget as:
a) I don’t play golf and
b) There is a good chance I’d miss the ball ans send the shattered golf ball dispense half way down the driving range 🙂

If you a bit of a golf nut you can get this golf gadget here.

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