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The Automanual Pasta Twirling Fork

Pasta Fork
Twirling your fork whilst eating pasta can be a real chore and must cause many RSS related injuries. This is were the new and improved pasta fork comes in:

  • Get plate of pasta
  • Insert *new* pasta fork
  • Twirl Slide fingers down the spiralling handle
  • Watch in amazement as fork magically twirls and collects pasta
  • Eat

Spaghetti eating competitions will never be the same again, thanks Presents for Men.

1 thought on “The Automanual Pasta Twirling Fork”

  1. Again, such a simple yet neat idea. What will they think of next? A lettuce with a hidden safe in it, for example.  Oh, I see from your site they’ve done that already. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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