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The Aquadock MP3 Dock

The Aquadock MP3 Dock
If you can’t stand to be away from your music even while you’re in the shower or underwater, this gadget would probably make you happy. The Aquadock MP3 Dock can hold your iPod or other MP3 player in an airtight chamber. From the chamber they can be attached to the speakers which play from the outside. Also included is an AM/FM radio.

The Aquadock is perfect for use around or even in water as well as anywhere else you want to keep your iPod safe (don’t worry, it’s water-proof!). With the outside speakers, you can also use this gadget to share your music with your friends, which is good because you don’t have to get separate gadgets for speakers and waterproofing.

There is also a digital LCD clock, an AM/FM radio, and a detachable stand included. It requires four AA batteries and is available in two styles: white and titanium.

The Aquadock costs $29.99, so in comparison to the popular docking stations such as iHome, it’s a steal!

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3 thoughts on “The Aquadock MP3 Dock”

  1. That’s pretty awesome, I’ve actually tried playing my iHome in the shower, but I had to keep it kinda far away, becuase I didn’t want anything to get wet.

    *thinks about buying one*

  2. I cannot belive aqua dock it works two mornings in a row then the next morning i use it and it broke my $249.00 creative zen micro. water got inside it and fried my zen micro. It didnt only reck my zen micro it recked the whole aqua dock system aswell.

  3. I got this for my sister for only about $20. Only one month after I bought it, I learned that it stopped working. She said that it wouldn’t turn on. There are other shower radios that play mp3 players, but most are much more expensive. It’s probably best to spend more money, because the quality of a cheap player like this is poor.

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