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The Amazing Brando now selling a USB Alarm Clock Fan

Alright, those of you that actually saw the Mystery Science 3000 reference, you get a sticker.  Granted, you have to go buy it yourself as well as pay for it.  This clock may appear to be just a perfectly innocent clock, one that seems to just sit there and tell the time.  Just like every other clock on the universe.  However, plug it in to your USB port and after flipping a fancy little switch it will come to life and show its true colors.  This sneaky little clock actually doubles as a fan.  This way you can hide the fact that you think your boss is just a big sissy who needs to crank up the AC a bit more rather than cooking their employees.

Although, it is quite brightly colored, so no streamlined chic electronics for you.  It comes in red, white and green.  On all of them the brightly colored clock looks like they could have been easily slipped into the movie Toys.  If you are interested in picking one up to toss on your desk it will only cost you $10 from USB Brando.  If you’re worried about little ones, if you intend to use this at home, the blades are made of soft plastic so it won’t hurt them.

Source: pocketlint