The 4-port USB Revolving Hub

Every so often I can’t help but appreciate a gadget that keeps things simple.  It doesn’t have some outstanding geeky design or combine fifteen gadgets that you probably don’t need, all into one.  A USB hub is nothing outstanding, but it’s most definitely useful.  This one isn’t covered in shiny crystals, it’s not in the shape of any Star Wars related items.  It does have a soft feminine design, but it’s also not bright pink either. With all the pink technology around, sometimes it feels as if we’ve reverted back to childhood where it’s pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

This USB hub’s only decoration are the soft flowers.  Which on the black version shown here are white, then on the white version of the hub the flowers are black.  The USB hub has a couple USB ports that swivel to make it easier to house more than one connector.  It only has 4-ports total, but that’d be enough for some people at least.  It’s also small enough that it’d be easy to transport from home to office.  You can pick it up for very cheap on USB Geek for $12.

Source: GeekyGadgets