The 2GB USB Real Thumb Drive

When you mention you have a thumb drive, no one usually stops to think you might mean its literally in the shape of a thumb.  Well you might have seen these drives a while back ago.  However, thankfully these come with a bit more memory than the original batch.  Plus these are being sold by a different seller that is selling them in the US, whereas the original was in Japan.

This new design is packed with 2GB of storage, the original was half of that.  Now you can weird out all of your friends with a plastic thumb sticking out of your computer.  It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS.  Making it more flexible if you are stuck using more than one computer for school or work.  You can pick one up from USB Geek for $20.  Which isn’t that bad of a price, especially for a novelty drive like this.

Source: GeekAlerts