The 1up Mushroom Kit

1up Mushroom KitIf you’re ever played any of the Mario games you’ll recognize the magic mushroom to the left, it’s a real life 1up mushroom that you can grow your self.

The complete kit comes with:

  • Green Pipe Planter
  • “Seed” packet (though, they are really spores)
  • Food solution bottle
  • Water dropper

Simply plant the spore, feed & water and then leave in a dark place for a few weeks, and hey presto you have the classic green splodge 1up mushroom. The 1up mushrooms are still be tested to see if they are edible and what special powers they give you, so they recommend not eating them just yet.

The 1up mushroom kit is $8.99 from Think Geek, thanks to The Mens Gift Guide for the tip.

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