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Thanko Thumb Extender lets you use phablets without breaking a sweat

thanko-thumb-extenderWhile the smartphone is more or less a device that just about everyone has these days, this does not mean that all carry a similarly sized handset. After all, some of us are more than happy with just 4” of viewing real estate, while others would be far more satisfied with something larger – even amounting to 6” in size. Of course, that would border on the tablet territory, hence the coining of the word “phablet” that fits the bill perfectly, but such a large size would mean having to work your finger – or thumb in this case, a whole lot more when using the full touchscreen user interface. Trust the Japanese to come up with the $27 Thanko Thumb Extender though.

The Thanko Thumb Extender happens to be a cute looking finger extension (which some others might find it to border on the awkward, rather) that ensures you do not end up with a tired thumb due to all of the sliding that it does all over the screen. You can never quite tell just when the few additional millimeters will come in handy, making sure that your other hand stays free to do something else. At the end of the Thanko Thumb Extender lies a special black nub which can be used to press and control your tablet or smartphone display in the same manner as that of your finger or stylus, just that it is slightly larger, and the design ought to fit just about anyone.