Thanko sells Cooling Keyboard to pair with Cooling Mouse

It turns out that slightly bizarre mouse with the built-in fan to blow on your hand wasn’t the only odd gadget they had with cooling in mind.  They also have a keyboard that blows on your wrists as you’re clacking away at the keys.  For weirdos like me, they need a heated version that blows hot air directly onto your wrists.  It’s sad when I say that in late July.  I’m just thinking ahead I swear, it’s definitely not that I can’t even cope with air conditioning.

For those that are the sweaty types, this is one more way to make sure that your sweat doesn’t go dripping into the crevices of your keyboard.  Pair this with their cooling mouse and you’ll never have issues again.  As long as you don’t leave the computer that is.  This is of course a Japanese product being Thanko.  However, if you don’t mind having your gadgets shipped from around the world, you could still pick one up.  The keyboard is being sold for 6,650 yen or a whopping $62.  Not to mention the fees it would take to get the product to you.  I suppose for now we can all deal with those little desktop fans.

Source: fareastgizmos