Thanko drops Silent Keyboard


Pulling an all-nighter is something most of us went through during our college days, and sometimes this occurs even when we’re working on a 100-page report that is due tomorrow morning. Of course, bloggers also work weird hours at times – all these won’t really affect those living alone, but if you are sharing a room with your spouse or roommate, the clickety-clack of keys can get really irritating especially when one is trying to get some shuteye.

This is where the Thanko Silent Keyboard comes in – retailing for an oddball number of $33.17, this keyboard makes a mere 6db of noise. In comparison, a standard keyboard is like a jackhammer at 30db. Are you one of those who like the sound of your fingers dancing over the keyboard, or do you prefer to work in absolute silence?

Product Page via Gizmodo