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The Thanko Compact Hand Dryer – don’t touch ANYTHING

Hand Dryer

Germs are an ever-present force that we know are both a necessary part of life and also a microbial enemy that can end us. If we get to be too afraid of touching germs and live in a sterile environment without any contact with other people, germs are far more likely to kill you. There’s a healthy balance somewhere in between living hygienically, and over-exposing yourself to teeny warriors of death.

The bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, mainly because it’s where we go to relieve and wash ourselves. Using a hand towel is a common occurrence in this area at home, but those cloths will soak up every germ that escaped being washed on your hands, and breed its colony anew if not laundered regularly enough. This Compact Hand Dryer for home would be a way to cut out the concern of a dirty towel, by removing it from the equation.

This is not a commercial hand dryer, as those things are priced in a completely different category than this $75 option. It puts out a wind temperature of around 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and will automatically shut off after a minute. You’ll need to plug it into a nearby outlet with its 28.9” cable, which will hopefully be long enough to reach. There will be the matter of sterilizing the bottom that catches the water you’ll fling everywhere as it dries your hands, proving that regardless of the lengths you go to, germs will always be there.

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