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The Thanko Chair Umbrella – take a break, you deserve it

Thanko Chair Umbrella

If you have to walk a long distance to school or work, then you know of the days where you just want to sit down and take a breather. The issue you face is that there’s not often a spot to sit when you’re walking along the sidewalk. You also have to occasionally battle the elements, which means come rain or shine, you have to walk.

Carrying both a portable chair and an umbrella or parasol around is a bit too cumbersome, so why not get a two-in-one? This Thanko Chair Umbrella will let you keep the rain off your back, and allow you to stop and smell the roses while taking a break from walking. It should be obvious that you can’t use both functions at the same time, but it could be useful for those with a long walking commute regardless.

This has a round flat plate on the top of the umbrella which will steady the seat which folds out of the handle. It only weighs around 1.5 pounds, but at the same time can only support up to 176 pounds. It’s 38 inches long, covers a medium range of space over your head, and only comes in black. For those who meet the weight requirements and would get real use of this product, it’ll cost you $74. It is said this “could even be used as a parasol”, so there’s no telling how well-equipped it is in dealing with an all-out storm. In the very least, you’d have a seat to wait out the rain in a dry spot, regardless of where that might be.

Available for purchase on japantrendshop