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TGX Tactical Flask is capable of quenching just about any thirst

tgx-flaskStaying well hydrated is of the utmost importance regardless of where you are – and even more so if you have engaged in some pretty heavy physical activity, not to mention when the weather around you makes you hot and bothered. Well, a regular water bottle is not going to cut the mustard if you would like to look cool and maintain a certain image, as the $19.99 TGX Tactical Flask gets the job done with plenty of style.

I suppose can say that this Thinkgeek exclusive is a drinking apparatus that is perfect for all your tactical drinking needs, if there is such a thing. Sporting integrated MOLLE webbing, all that you need to do is to fill up this flask with 6 oz. of your favorite beverage and toss it in your bag, and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can also opt to slide it onto your belt, or to make use of a clip in order to hook it to your favorite accessory’s MOLLE webbing.The flask’s case comes with webbing as well, which will then let you hook something to it if the need arises. Made out of stainless steel, the flask sports an elegant matte black exterior with a textured PVC accent piece and a screw-on cap. While it is BPA-free, do take note that this is not dishwasher safe.