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Text Stabilizing Digital Magnifier helps you check out smaller text with ease

text-stabilizing-digital-magnifierAs we get older, our body will work differently. Some parts are not as efficient as before, our skin will sag, it shows both externally as well as internally. Still, this does not mean that we will resign ourselves to the fact that life is not worth living any more the moment we grow old – there is hope, in the form of various medical devices and gadgets that can help us out. Apart from that, our eyesight and hearing too, tend to deteriorate as we age, which is why the $149.95 Text Stabilizing Digital Magnifier sounds as though it is worth having around in every home or office.

The Text Stabilizing Digital Magnifier happens to be a digital magnifier with a stable base, allowing it to glide smoothly along reading surfaces, which in turn makes it ideal for extended use. This magnifier’s flat, offset base would allow one to effortlessly maintain a consistent, optimal distance above text, which will be far different from using shaky magnifying glasses or lesser digital models that quickly fatigue one’s arms and eyes. Apart from that, the enlarged images will be shown off in sharp detail at one of four selectable magnifications (5X, 6X, 7 1/2X, and 10X) on a bright 640 x 480 pixel resolution 3.5″ LCD color display, with a trio of color settings to choose from. All captured images can also be saved to an SD card, and you can also opt to transfer them to a computer via USB.