Text Scanner reads and researches along with you

Dixau 1

Adding to our growing fascination with text scanners comes a device that promises to help out researchers looking to collate a lot of data for reports. This small, handheld scanner is called the Dixau from Korean company Unichal. This digital text scanner uses a camera to literally read along with its reader, not only scanning the text from a book but the cool part is that it will then reference online searches from Google, wikipedia, and even dictionaries to give the reader a more complete picture of the story or text entry they are attempting to study. Imagine writing a dissertation about a historic even and the Dixau brings along Wikipedia entries to the party.

Legal researchers may find it a very helpful tool in trying to go through myriads of files, case books, even testimonies where having an extra set of eyes which can also pull up supporting or refuting data in near real time. And scholars who seek to study scripture, historical texts, or even newspaper reports can also benefit as the Dixau would then provide additional text references to give more enlightment from the text at hand.

Dixau 2
If you could get it in the U.S., it would run about $90. However, the Dixau may cause copyright lawyers to freak out as it can cause obvious copyright issues. But the good of the device itself should outweigh the concerns of an overly litigious group of individuals seeks to lock down their intellectual property.

Hat Tip: D’Vice

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