Tetris Link – From the Virtual World to Your Tabletop?

Having just left the crazy and chaotic word of the Toy Fair in NYC, I am still reeling from the experience. Not to mention the cost of parking. I would have to say that it was not the high tech world I envisioned, although there were some exceptions, the trend seems to lean toward, shall we say, more grounded play?
Enter Tetris Link, coming to you live from almost every gaming platform known to man, and in this case, when I say “live” I’m not talking the world wide web, or a handheld, I’m talking your dining room table. Thats right, Tetris has taken high tech and brought it back to the box. In an unusual move, we have found a game originally high tech, remember the green screen days? Now decidedly low tech. Not a battery or a plug in site.
They manipulated the game a bit in order to allow up to 4 players. You score points by linking three or more pieces. The opposing players place their pieces to try and block you.
Look for it soon, in any of the usual places. I have to admit, it might not be exactly the Tetris you remember, but it certainly will be nice to have the family sitting around the table for once.

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