Tetris Alarm Clock

“I say, mate, isn’t it time for a game of Tetris?” That would be a great line to say out loud, assuming your living room or office cubicle (during your lunch break, of course, otherwise I am quite sure those productivity-driven bosses and upper levels of management will not be too amused) carries this cute looking £24.99 Tetris Alarm Clock. Yes sir, the name of the Tetris Alarm Clock says it all, but do give me the pleasure and opportunity to elaborate further on just what this modern day timepiece with a foot that is stuck in the past is capable of.
Ever since Tetris rolled out into the world of video games all the way back in 1984, the world has gone through different phases and genres of gaming, but the classic Tetris (with all the different variants up till today) has stood against the test of time. Well, the Tetris Alarm Clock pays homage to this particular classic title, functioning as a fully operational alarm clock at the same time. It comes with Tetrimino-shaped buttons, 12/24 hour settings, snooze, backlight and the official Tetris theme music as an alarm. Numbers on the clock face comprise of digital falling bricks, where each one will rotate into place as the time moves from minute to minute. Neat, huh?