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Tethercell – Take “Charge” of your Batteries


Oh how the world loves a battery… there aren’t too many toys or gadgets these days that don’t run thru a goodly supply of AA’s. That being said, I certainly wish I had a little more control over how these batteries were used, like how long my kid could play with her toys, or how long a lantern could be left on, or just to make sure things were turned off all the way in order to avoid wasting precious battery life . Yup. Battery control, that could be cool…

 Well, check out Tethercell, a nifty new battery adaptor that allows you to gain real control over your AA power source. The use of the Tethercell adaptor lets you turn your AA battery powered devices on and off remotely using your smartphone, lets your batteries alert you via messaging that they are getting low and need replacing, and, it lets you start and stop devices on schedule.

The Tethercell is easy to use, you simply take the AA battery out of your gadget, install a AAA into the Tethercell and place the Tethercell back into the gadget, and guess what? No matter how many batteries the gizmo needs, you’ll only need one Tethercell, and the associated iOS or Android app, and you’re up and running.

So if being able to set time limits on things, or being able to turn toys off from across the room, (think of it like a magic mute button) or just being able to take control of your AA battery consumption sounds like a useful tool for you, head on over to for more info, or just go ahead and buy one, for around 40 bucks.