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The Tesoro Thyrsus MMO/MOBA Gaming Mouse hits shelves next month

Tesoro Thyrsus

Any time you take up a hobby seriously, you notice how the tools you use affect the finished product. Someone who likes to draw will start to notice subtle differences in the hard or softness of the lead, or the thickness of the line on paper. In the same way you notice these tiny details in the hobby of drawing, and how the type of pencil you use will affect the finalized picture, it is the same for having quality peripherals for those who like to play video games.

It might be a bit of a jump from art to gaming, but both can require a very particular set of skills and finesse. There’s nothing wrong with having a regular mouse and headset to play PC games, but when you get accustomed to a certain kind of game, you notice things that would make your life easier when playing. For those who love playing MMOs or MOBAs, you likely want programmable buttons that you don’t have to go out of your way for. The Tesoro Thyrsus Gaming Mouse has 6 programmable thumb buttons meant for MMO and MOBA gamers specifically.

There’s 64KB of memory so you can keep 5 gaming profiles handy. You can adjust six levels of sensitivity up to 8200 dpi, there’s a polling rate up to 1000Hz, and there’s multicolor LEDs you can fiddle with. This is going to cost you $69, and will hit the market in August.

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