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Tesoro makes Lobera Spectrum Per-Key RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard announcement

tesoro-mechanical-keyboardWhen it comes to ensuring that you get the best possible performance in terms of gaming, there are many brands out there to consider, where each of them have their fair share of strengths and followers. Having said that, if you are currently on the lookout for a new gaming keyboard, but have not quite decided on which model to settle upon since you are not so much of a brand loyalist yourself, how about taking into consideration the Tesoro Lobera Spectrum mechanical keyboard?

The Lobera Spectrum mechanical keyboard will boast of RGB per-key illumination, 9 LED effect modes, instant recording capabilities for every key and USB pass-through. With this bad boy, you know that you are in for a treat, where your in-game performance can be a whole lot more dazzling on the outside since you are able to individually customize virtually any color, to any key. There will also be 9 different kinds of LED effects to choose from, such as dimming, full zone, trigger, ripple, firework, radiation, rainbow wave, and per key customized mode as well as 5 levels of brightness and 5 distinct profiles to store them. In other words, we are talking about endless combinations and possibilities for a truly unique configuration that cannot be found elsewhere.

Heck, even when you engage Audio Mode, you will find that the LEDs of each individual key will be able to dance to the beats and bass of your favorite tunes. Apart from that, there is Switchable N-Key Rollover/USB 6 Key Rollover which will allow gamers to switch between either mode, making the Lobera Spectrum immune to ghosting or jamming issues. The situation is further helped thanks to a fast 1000Hz polling rate that ensures no keystroke is missed, while instant game mode switching will take away worries of accidental key presses.

By far and large this is one of the more unique mechanical keyboards out there, where it carries the recommended retail price of $149 a pop as it arrives in Kailh Blue, Black, Brown and Red mechanical switches.

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