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The Tesoro Gungnir Optical Gaming Mouse is on point


When gaming on PC, there’s nothing more frustrating than lag that lasts so long that it makes your game unplayable. Well, unless your mouse or keyboard fails you at random that is. If you can’t help but want the best possible equipment for gaming but don’t have a budget to match pro gamers, then you’ll want something that can keep up with you without costing a week’s worth of pay.

Next month, Tesoro will be releasing the Gungnir Black Optical Gaming Mouse in North America. It is named Gungnir after the spear that Odin carried, which was supposed to be so well-balanced that it could strike any target, no matter the skill or strength of the person who carried it. If you think that marketing point is trying to tell you that this mouse will make you good at gaming, you’re 100% correct. Of course, whether or not that is true can certainly be called into question.

This has a 3500 DPI optical sensor, 7 buttons to be programmed, LED lighting which can be customized, and 5 game profiles so you can map your buttons for different games. Since this is using a new UI that has been designed to be user-friendly, there’s a chance that there may be a few bugs lurking about. This is going to cost you $29, which does make you wonder whether or not it would be worth it even at a cheaper price point.

More information available here and here

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