Tentanic is super large!


I don’t know about you, but if someone were to approach me and tell me that a tent is going to cost me a whopping £7,500, I would just laugh their suggestion off, thinking of so many other ways to be able to better spend that kind of money. This particular tent known as Tentanic is obviously large – too large for my liking, actually. After all, if you are going camping, traveling light should be the name of the game, and something that measures 120m x 14m x 27cm sans guy ropes is definitely far roomier than a standard tent – good luck setting the whole thing up! It is capable of sleeping around 1,000 folks, and comes with a convenient starboard-side zip-up entrance coupled with 300 anchor-shaped pegs. You won’t be running into any icebergs with this for sure, but then again, setting it up will need too much energy that you might just spend the next day just sleeping to catch up on all the energy spent.