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These Tent StakeLights will make your camp feel more safe

Tent Stakelights

When the sun is up, there’s enough light to see far as your eyes can comprehend. You don’t mind when the leaves rustle or a bird chirps because you see the branches moving and can tell what the source of the sound is. As day becomes night, we have to start relying on our other senses to alert us to danger. If you like to go camping quite a bit, then you know that every sound can be interpreted as a serial killer or rabid bear.

While the avid camper is likely accustomed to the sounds of nighttime nature, having some extra lighting at night is never a bad thing. If you are already prepared in the lantern department for inside the tent, how about having some external options with these Tent StakeLights? These will take the place of the tent stakes you had previously, and will give you 17 lumens of light for up to 10 hours off of a AAA battery.

One can only hope there will be a solar powered version down the road to lessen the chance of people tossing batteries after one night. These come in a pack of two, and will cost you $12.99 if you’re interested, though getting more will cost less. The LEDS are in a water-resistant housing that has an IPX 6 rating to deal with rainfall. Made of 6000 series aluminum, these should put up with the rough and tumble environment of adventuring in the great outdoors.

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