Tengu Black now available

tengu-blackWe’ve looked at the Tengu in the past, where the white version has been available for quite some time already, but this time round the manufacturers of this lip-syncing USB desktop toy makes a splash by coming in a polar opposite color – we’re talking about cool black here, with bright LEDs on his face responding to just about any sound, moving his lips even as you type away on your computer.

With over 14 different facial expressions, Tengu is infinitely more emotive than your average office bod and is guaranteed to cheer you up every time you clap eyes on it. Of course there are other, more useful ways to employ your USB ports but none of them combine music, miming and dodgy face-pulling. And if that’s not reason enough to hit the Buy button we don’t know what is.

Of course, if you want something whackier there are the Tengu All Stars collection to choose from, comprising of Rotten, Stardust and Woodstock characters which retail for £24.95 each, while the all new black Tengu is going for £19.95. This is one desktop toy worth having, even though it doesn’t stir your coffee cup or keep your drinks warm.