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Tenease aims to treat tennis elbow

teneaseFolks who indulge in the sport of tennis, whether it is for leisure, exercise or even in a semi-pro will find that tennis elbow is one of those somewhat nasty events in life just like taxes and death. Well, since you aren’t earning enough on the circuit to afford your own personal physician, why not settle for something else that has the potential of relieving pain in your case of tennis elbow without costing you thousands in the process? We’re talking about the creatively named Tenease – a new form of treatment for tennis elbow. Of course, it must be duly noted that this painful condition is more often than not unrelated to playing tennis, but indulging in the sport carries some risk of developing it as well.

Those who have experienced the pain of lateral epicondylitis can tell you that visiting the doctor often results in frustration, since there are just a few options for treatment. Traditional panaceas include having plenty of rest, strapping of the elbow, steroid injections, anti-inflammatory drugs and surgery – however, none are 100% effective while others carry a certain degree of risk or side effects. With Tenease, this new treatment method for tennis elbow is the result of seven years of hard work, where it works to alleviate pain caused by the condition while accelerating the recovery for some users. Being small and portable, it is suitable for home use as all you need to do is strap the device to the elbow, where it will get to work almost immediately with low frequency vibrations to stimulate blood flow to the area and stop the pain – a result of impeding the transmission of the pain signals to the brain.

Just to make sure that this is not a quack solution, Tenease has undergone rigorous testing by the MHRA, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority, over the last couple of years and was recently awarded with class IIa approval as a medical device for tennis elbow treatment. It will ship from February 1st onwards for approximately £59 including taxes, and you can always rely on the 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

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4 thoughts on “Tenease aims to treat tennis elbow”

  1. This is an approved Class IIa medical device. Always make sure you buy this from the official Tenease website. Then you know you’re getting the real thing and not being fobbed off with a copy.

  2. Products can take years to come to market. From an idea, to patenting, to test produce it, to finally produce and market it, that is all at a cost, consumers have to pay.

  3. total cost of components would not add up to £5, however after suffering for months the device actually works. i have been using it for 2 weeks and the pain has almost disappeared.

  4. Cost of an accupuncture needle? 2p?

    Cost of accupuncture session? £49

    Anyway, it’s only £39.

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