Tenda’s Nova is a whole-home Wi-Fi system

Tenda’s Nova whole-home Wi-Fi system

It goes without saying that many of us now love living in the smart era, where our cars are smart, we cannot do without a smartphone, and of course, the humble home would have received an infusion of technology to make it function a whole lot better and safer compared to before. Tenda Technology from China has taken a look at the likes of Amazon Alexa as well as a slew of other different kinds of smart home devices, and decided to jump aboard the bandwagon through the introduction of the Nova MW6 Whole-Home Wi-Fi system.

All of the three units will work in tandem in order to ensure that the length and breadth of your devices will remain connected within a single network, even with a average adapters. The Nova is able to deliver lag-free coverage of up to 6,000 sq. ft., which is approximately 15% more than its competitors. Not only that, quality testing has also shown that the Nova’s typical upload and download speeds happen to be up to 30% faster compared to what is currently available in the mesh router market.

This is definitely one of the smarter gift ideas this holiday season, where the Nova is able to excel where conventional routers fall short through the delivery of far better communication efficiency. With the Nova, it does not matter if you have many people living under the same roof as you, multiple users are able to stream, game, and download simultaneously! Since the Nova was specially designed with the end user experience in mind, the benefits that accompany mesh Wi-Fi is made available to many, and setting it up takes just a few steps that even the tech-averse person is able to get it up and running without having to go through a steep learning curve.

The Tenda Nova Mesh Wi-Fi system will retail for $199.99 apiece.