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Tend reveals new Lynx Indoor Camera

lynx-indoorA man’s home is his castle, and that would mean having to secure the safety and security of the perimeters. While having a dog does have its fair share of advantages, what about a digital camera in place? Security cameras have long become a staple in many of the larger sized houses that you see around the country, so why not make sure that you end up with nothing but the best? Tend has come up with the Lynx, where it will bring together an extremely simple setup process with HD (High Definition) live video monitoring as well as advanced facial recognition and motion triggered recording so that nothing escapes the Lynx’s “eyes”.

Specially designed in order to secure the people, places and things that matter most using incredibly simple with powerful and sophisticated technology, the new Tend Secure Lynx Indoor camera will deliver the perfect combination of intelligent, yet effortless, video security. Boasting of crystal clear 1080p HD video and crisp two-way audio, the Tend Secure Lynx Indoor delivers a smart video monitoring solution which will be able to work with just about any existing Wi-Fi network in a jiffy. It takes just minutes to setup, where you can then choose to place or mount it anywhere without the need for complicated wiring. This provides you with round-the-clock monitoring, including infrared capability. Wish to have a greater peace of mind? Install multiple Lynx Indoor cameras on the same network, and you can then keep track of different rooms, entryways or other locations.

The integrated and advanced facial recognition technology will be able to automatically recognize familiar faces so that security is maximized while doing away with false alarms. It remains to be seen just how accurate the facial recognition technology is, but it sure looks as though things are getting smarter around the home all the time. It will need to be trained though, but the Tend Secure app on iOS and Android can issue a mobile check-in alert as well.

The asking price of $59.99 apiece is certainly more than welcome, and it should make home security more affordable to everyone.

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