Ten iPad Charging Bay

So you live in a house where just about every head under the roof own at least one Apple device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Assuming most of the folks there settle for an iPad for their portable computing needs, then you would know that charging these iPads individually can sometimes be a hassle. Since you are all one big happy family, how about having a communal charging point instead? Splash a little bit of money with this $899.95 Ten iPad Charging Bay.

Yes sir, I am quite sure that you read that right – we are talking about an iPad charging bay that is capable of charging not one, not two, not three, heck – not even five, but a whopping ten iPads simultaneously. This is the mother of all home based iPad charging stations, and needless to say, it also picked up the gong for the iF Product Design Award. The Ten iPad Charging Bay is a compact cabinet that simplifies the maintenance of multiple tablets for businesses and schools. Inside the cabinet lies slots for ten iPads regardless of their generation, and USB ports located right below each slot will connect to the tablets using their charging cables. Whenever you connect a MacBook via the included USB cable, you can synchronize up to 10 iPads simultaneously too, making sure that all of them will have the same version of a program or files.