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The Temperature Display Mug helps you get the most out of your coffee

Temperature Sensitive Coffee Cup

Sometimes you just need to stop what you’re doing and take a coffee break. That little moment of solace can help your brain reorganize what tasks you’re facing, and give you time away from a project so you can face it again with fresh eyes (and a caffeine boost). If that’s often why you’re drinking either coffee or tea, then you likely want the experience surrounding it to be as calming and perfect as possible.

If you’ve already got the best brew or tea going into your cup, then the only job you have is to make sure it’s at the best temperature for optimal enjoyment. This Temperature Display Coffee Cup will show you the temperature of the liquid in your mug so you can know when is the best time to take your first sip. There are 6 indicator lights on the side that will show you what the temperature of the drink inside your cup is in either Fahrenheit or Celcius.

In addition to the indicator lights, there are also beverage type pictures next to certain temperatures which let you know when each drink will be at its best. This mug is capable of holding up to 280ml of drink in its stainless steel tank, but with that being said you won’t be able to stick this in the microwave to heat up the contents. The shell is made of ABS plastic, and comes with accent colors of pink or brown. Either option is going to cost you around $28.

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