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The Telesteps Ladder knows the value of space


When you need a ladder, generally that means you found something out of reach that is higher up than a chair would allow you to access. We’ve come to associate a rigid form of bars or steps at specific heights as a ladder, but this is the future, and we can now get things that used to be massive in a small enough size that it will fit in the trunk of your car. The issue of safety comes to mind for compact equipment that has to support a full-grown human, but again: future.

The Telesteps 14.5′ telescoping extension ladder is made of high quality aluminum alloy, and will give you an 18′ reach. When you’re done using it, you’ll be able to retract it to 33 inches, and keep it stored away without having to own a garage. It features a one touch release mechanism for ease of use, and is OSHA certified, ANSI 14.2 tested, and is safe for up to 300 pounds. There are also silicone pivoting feet to make sure the base of the ladder stays put.

Since this is portable, compact, and heavy duty, it is not lightweight at 30.5 pounds. This is a $299.99 purchase that will likely only be made by professionals who prefer to keepĀ a lot of equipment handy without having to drive a semi-truck around. There are different sizes of this ladder at different prices, but it will all depend on your situation.

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